The Easiest Way for Craft Brewers to Handle Their TTB Reporting

✅ Reports finished with the click of a button for ultimate time savings

✅ Multiple users simplify team collaboration

✅ Create daily records

✅ Helps avoid time consuming and potentially costly audits

✅ Account for all losses so you pay the bare minimum every quarter

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How It Works

Record your activities (create brew logs in the cloud) and

click print when a report is needed.

It really is that simple!

Make Your Entries

Select the date your brewing activity happened, associate a batch number, add any additional comments for future reference, and click save.

  • Answer simple questions about activities
  • No guessing about form ‘jargon’
  • Built-in volume and weight conversions so you can put away your calculator.

Create Custom Processes

Narrow down the possible entries to only what you need to see!

Perfect for:

  • Repeating specific recipes
  • Create a template for your team to avoid confusion
  • Only see what you need, elimate the fear of making a ‘wrong entry’, and K.I.S.S. your reporting.

No more second guessing and no more complicated spreadsheets!

Reconcile Your Inventory
Batch by Batch

Eliminate ‘phantom’  taxable beer that is lurking in your paperwork but not in your cooler!

Quickly see your batch balances to enter in correct loss amounts.

‘Zero out’ your batches to have your paperwork match reality.

Easily Blend Batches Together

Have a barrel program and need to do some blending? Or maybe match a Peach Saison with an aged Trippel?

No problem!

TTB Tamer will keep everything in order to avoid paperwork nightmares.

Filter, Find, and Edit Your Entries
With Ease.

See who, what, when, how much, and and special comments or explainations along with every entry.

Need to do something more custom?

Export to CSV and use any modern spreadsheet program to slice and dice your data, any way you like!

Got State Reports?

No problem!

Calculate end of month balances for all common types of state requirements.

Read more how TTB Tamer can help with state reports HERE.

Some of what our customers have to say:

Community Beer Company
Jamie Fulton, Head Brewer

“Being a small craft brewer generally means that everyone working at the brewery is constantly busy, with little time to devote to paperwork. As an owner, head brewer, and manager of operations, I see time as my most precious asset. One of the biggest time hogs is the quarterly BROP for TTB.

The time involved in compiling and entering the data – let alone trying to figure out where it all goes – is lengthy and often frustrating. After putting in hours upon hours creating the quarterly BROPs for Community Beer Co., I was fed up. I couldn’t simply pass this off to our accountant, as she would have no clue where to start or what all the terms in question mean. There had to be some software out there for this very purpose!

I found TTB Tamer after some searching, and since it was very new software, was happy to see that there was a free trial period. The software does exactly what it says it does, creating a seamless BROP from entering in data that is presented in actual brewer’s terms. I literally let out a triumphant roar when I created my first report and all the numbers matched up! I’m happy to pay the small monthly (no contract) fee, and be rid of the impending headache that I associate with creating these TTB reports. I highly recommend this to anyone operating a craft brewery that is pinched for time.”

8 Bridges Brewing
Justin Beardsley, Brewmaster

” We’re a small, family owned micro brewery. Manual reporting was time consuming to go through the daily logs for the whole quarter and then ensure everything tabulates properly in the paperwork.

Using TTB Tamer is very straightforward. I put all of my production records in every week then my keg sales at the end of each month. When the report comes due I just print the report and tax return. The whole thing takes 5-10 minutes where it usually took 4 hours of my day.

I would recommend this software for a startup brewery or any brewery to reduce the amount of time it takes to fill out paperwork. It is worth the cost of the software. “

Wethead Brewing Company
Billy Jack, Owner/Brewmaster

“TTB Tamer is an excellent app. It works great on my phone, tablet, and computer. If there is ever an issue with an update or if you just have questions, the support staff are quick and eager to help with whatever it is.

TTB Tamer has saved me hours of work and preparation for my TTB reports and taxes. Wet Head is a small brewery that brews less than 100 bbls a year and if it saves me time imagine what it could do for breweries that produce over 60,000 bbls.

Thank you from Wet Head Brewery, Billy Jack, Cheers! “

St. Benjamin Brewing Co.
Tim Patton, Brewmaster

” We’re a start-up 3bbl nano brewery. Our first kegs were just delivered to us in May, 2014.

We tried to do our first quarter reporting manually but quickly got overwhelmed after a few hours, mostly because the TTB terminology didn’t match what we were used to and we could find no good explanations for help.

We would recommend TTB Tamer to other brewers for simpler reporting. “

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About TTB Tamer
Launched in 2013, TTB Tamer has been designed from the ground up for Craft Brewers, by the feedback from Craft Brewers, and has been helping breweries shave days off their typical TTB reporting process.

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