Notice of Planned Outage

Start: Thursday, November 23, 2017 – 10pm MST

Extended to End: Sunday, November 26, 2017 – 3pm MST

TTB Tamer will be upgrading our User Management system to make the signup process more user-friendly, allow users to more easily control their payment options, and generally provide a better login & password management experience. To do this, we will need to take TTB Tamer offline for approximately 48 hours.

To try to avoid as much inconvenience as possible this has been planned to take place over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

We will be working on moving all users from one system to the other at this time. You may receive emails from Stripe or Paypal (our payment processors) or Sentry (our old user management provider) that your account has been cancelled, unsubscribed, or resubscribed. This is expected with the process of us moving from one system to the other.

Unfortunately, we will need to manually re-subscribe everyone to your correct plan. We hope that this doesn’t take a full 48 hours. We’ll have the new system up and running ASAP and earlier than anticipated, if possible.

Below are some common questions you may have. If you have any other questions about the process, please email Daniel at .

  • Question – I got an email that I’ve been Unsubscribed. What’s going on?

In order to move you to the new system, we’ve needed to Unsubscribe you from the old system. The automated emails are something out of our control (and one of the many reasons we’re moving to the new system). We’re sorry for the confusion.

  • Question – Why did I get an email that I’ve been Subscribed to TTB Tamer? I’m already subscribed.

As part of the process of upgrading to our new user management system we’ve Re-subscribed you to the new system.

If you’re currently subscribed with a credit card on file, all of your subscription and payment information will not be changed during this process.

If you’re currently subscribed using Paypal, we may need to get an actual credit card on file for you as we’ve been in the process of moving away from using Paypal for quite some time now.

  • Question – Why are you upgrading?

We’ve outgrown our old system.

With our new system, we’ll be able to:

  • provide a more seamless signup experience
  • allow users to update their credit card information and change/recover their password more easily
  • allow users to add-on new features that they may want to use (like Winery/Cidery forms, Distillery forms, or Inventory management features – coming soon!)
  • prevent the “spammy looking” emails from our old system that users currently get when their payment has failed
  • Question – How long will this take?

We’ve allotted 48 hours over the Thanksgiving weekend to make the switch. We really hope it won’t take the whole 48 hours but we need to manually re-subscribe everyone with the new system. We will bring TTB Tamer back online as soon as possible, and eariler than planned if it is possible.

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