TTB Tamer Referral Program

Last Updated: December 6, 2017



Do you think TTB Tamer is useful? GREAT!! 

Why not help spread the word?

For every brewery you refer, receive 30% off your original monthly or yearly subscription for as long as the referred brewery maintains their subscription.

The discount will be applied to your next billing cycle.

We know what you’re thinking – “What if I refer 4 or more breweries?”

If you refer 4 or more breweries your subscription to TTB Tamer is FREE!


How do you participate?

When signing up for a 30 day free trial, all new users are asked if there was a ‘Referring Brewery’ that pointed them to TTB Tamer.

Ask the new brewery to put your brewery name (or your name) as the referral.

We monitor all of our new sign-ups very closely, and we will automatically apply the discount to your next billing cycle if you are listed for the referral.

As long as the referred brewery maintains their subscription, you will receive the discount.

Easy Peasy!


Have a question? 

Shoot us an email at


About TTB Tamer
Launched in 2013, TTB Tamer has been designed from the ground up for Craft Brewers, by the feedback from Craft Brewers, and has been helping breweries shave days off their typical TTB reporting process.
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