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The 7 Ways Brewers Screw up the BROP

Are you making these mistakes on your Report of Operations?

Signup below and we’ll send you a direct link to Download our cheat sheet and find out!



Looking for brewlog templates?

Are you looking for some brewlogs to get you and your team started on the right foot with your paperwork? Look no further!

Try out these logs (both in PDF and .xcl format). Then when you decide to give TTB Tamer a try, these logs will translate directly to the software for a smooth transition.



Schedule a Demo

Like what you see but need to show it off to some co-workers before starting a free trial? We totally understand!

Request a live, online demo and we’ll set up a web conference to walk everyone through the software and answer questions. Demos typically run approximately 1 hour long.


Request professional TTB Tamer setup

Want to get started with TTB Tamer but know that you won’t have the time to get everything set up by yourself? Let us do the work for you!

Once we have some initial information from you we’ll:

  • Provide initial consulting to make sure TTB Tamer is right for you
  • Create your TTB Tamer account
  • Add any additional colleagues to your account
  • Set up entry ‘templates’ that mimic your current workflow
  • Provide 2 online training sessions (4 hours total) for you and your team so that you can hit the ground running from Day 1
  • Provide online documentation that outlines your specific setup
  • Priority online support for 2 months (by email and webconference) for answering questions and troubleshooting


one time fee

Video Tutorials

Looking for tutorial videos or other TTB Tamer video content? Check us out on youtube!

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Launched in 2013, TTB Tamer has been designed from the ground up for Craft Brewers, by the feedback from Craft Brewers, and has been helping breweries shave days off their typical TTB reporting process.
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