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✅ Eliminate countless hours of wasted time and stress

✅ Avoid costly audits and pay only the bare minimum every quarter

✅ Trusted by over 462 Craft Breweries in the USA to streamline their tax reporting process

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“I have loved the software ever since we started using it and definitely suggest it to anyone that asks. It’s made doing our TTB reports a breeze and saved me a lot of headaches.”


Cedar Creek Brewing

“TTB Tamer is easy to use and affords me time to do the things that I want to do when the work day is over: like drink beer. It takes me less than five minutes on average to upload data to TTB Tamer, and finding log history for information is just as easy. Dealing with federal record-keeping regulations is frustrating, but TTB Tamer has honestly reduced my stress-load, and for a production brewer, that’s necessary for quality of life.”


Meadowlark Brewing

“I discovered TTB Tamer years ago mostly out of desperation.  When starting our nano brewery back then the TTB reports made absolutely no sense to me. Finding TTB Tamer allowed me to stop worrying about how to fill out and file our reports and saved me a ton headaches. Over the years the program has been a great time saver for us and the support and product development has been great. I always feel that the team at TTB Tamer really listen to their customer input and are always coming up with new ways to make the software even better. I can’t imagine running without it.”


From The Barrel Brewing

Say Goodbye to Complicated Spreadsheets and Hand Written Notes

Report of Operations, Excise Returns, and Daily Reports finished with the click of a button

Multiple users allows team collaboration

State reporting – get all the info you need for your state reports in seconds

Easily use from a laptop or tablet

Upload brewing data in just a few minutes

Create custom processes to streamline data entry

✅ Eliminate ‘phantom’ taxable beer and ensure what’s reported is what’s in your inventory

Filter, find and edit your entries with ease. Export to spreadsheet for even more filtering.

Built in volume and weight conversions

Gets your focus back on higher value activities in your business – like brewing and selling beer

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About TTB Tamer
Launched in 2013, TTB Tamer has been designed from the ground up for Craft Brewers, by the feedback from Craft Brewers, and has been helping breweries shave days off their typical TTB reporting process.

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