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✅ Eliminate countless hours of wasted time and stress

✅ Get your focus off of paperwork and back on higher value activities, like making and selling spirits

✅ Trusted by over 600 craft alcohol producers to streamline their reporting process

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Say Goodbye to Complicated Spreadsheets and Hand Written Notes

Production, Storage & Processing Reports, Excise Returns, and Daily Records with the click of a button

Gets your focus back on higher value activities in your business – like making and selling great spirits

State report infomation – get all the info you need for your state reports in seconds

Easily use from a laptop or tablet

Upload data in just a few minutes

Custom processes to streamline data entry

Eliminate ‘phantom’ taxable spirits and ensure what’s reported is what’s in your inventory

Filter, find and edit your entries with ease. Export to spreadsheet for even more filtering.

Built in volume and weight conversions

Multiple users allows team collaboration

Before TTB Tamer, monthly reporting was a nightmare! Running a distillery is not for the faint of heart, and neither is the paperwork it requires.

With the help of TTB Tamer, Myrtle’s Distilled Spirits can spend much more time making our product, and less time and hassle thumbing thru mounds of paperwork and numbers. TTB Tamer makes monthly reporting a breeze by helping us to manage and organize thousands of records in one, convenient site.

From start to finish, batch to batch, TTB Tamer helps Myrtle’s track and calculate everything we need to know to run reports and keep stock of our inventory and sales. We don’t know where we’d be without it!

Myrtle's Distilled Spirits

See How Easy It Can Be

Make Your Entries

Select the date the activity happened, associate a batch number, add any additional comments for future reference, and click save.

  • Answer simple questions about activities
  • Built-in form validation to help prevent problems before they happen.
  • No guessing about form ‘jargon’
  • Built-in volume and weight conversions so you can put away your calculator.

Create Custom Processes

Narrow down the possible entries to only what you need to see!

Perfect for:

  • Repeating specific recipes
  • Create a template for your team to avoid confusion
  • Only see what you need, eliminate the fear of making a ‘wrong entry’, and simplify your reporting.

No more second guessing and no more complicated spreadsheets!

Reconcile Your Inventory
Batch by Batch

Eliminate ‘phantom inventory’ that is lurking in your paperwork but not in your cellar!

Quickly see your batch balances to enter in correct loss amounts.

‘Zero out’ your batches to have your paperwork match reality.

Filter, Find, and Edit Your Entries
With Ease

See who, what, when, how much, and and special comments or explainations along with every entry.

Need to do something more custom?

Export to Excel to slice and dice your data, any way you like!

PDF Reports
at the click of a button

Print and mail in or transfer to pay.gov, it’s up to you.

Create daily records to have a record of your operations on a day-to-day basis.

Custom reports to help with your state requirements coming soon!!

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About TTB Tamer

Launched in 2013, TTB Tamer has been designed from the ground up for Craft Alcohol Producers, from their own feedback, and has been helping them shave days off the typical TTB reporting process ever since.

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